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This is for moms. Learn how to run a smoother home and take care of yourself for change.

About Meta-Neonatal


Metaneonatal Pvt Ltd is a healthcare technology company focused on improving the quality of neonatal care through innovative solutions. With a mission to reduce neonatal mortality rates in India and beyond, Metaneonatal is committed to providing high-quality training and education to healthcare professionals in the field of neonatology.


The company’s flagship product, Neonatal Pitara, is a stimulation-based virtual reality training program for neonates that provides comprehensive training in all basic and advanced components of neonatology. The product covers NRP training in three formats: virtual demonstration, task-based gaming, and hands-on training. Add-on NICU training modules are available for NICU doctors and nurses in the form of virtual demo, gaming scenarios, and hands-on training. The program is implemented into the Metaverse XR platform, including VR/XR headsets and AR, providing an immersive and realistic training experience.

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